How to add spellcheck property to search box widget?

Hello Team,
We are in the need to disable the spellcheck option in the search box while adding the widget. Do we have any methods to do so while adding the search widget itself, something like the code below? Please advice.

// Search box
container: “.searchbox”,
placeholder: “Placeholder”,
autofocus: “false”,
spellcheck: “false” // is this acceptable to disable the spellcheck

Any help would be much appreciated.

HTML input tags aren’t usually checked by default by the browser.
For instance, if you type gibberish on this page’s input, you shouldn’t have any spellchecking triggering:

It however usually automatically triggers in a <textarea>, like the one I’m writing this message in.

instantsearch.js's SearchBox widget uses a regular <input> tag under the hood, so I’m really unsure why you’d need to manually set spellcheck="false".

Do you have an example of a browser where the spellchecking triggers on <input> fields?

Hi @Jerska,

This is the one from Chrome browser, where in the spellcheck is happening in the search input box. This is why we are in need of disabling it.

Indeed, good call! I’ll ping our JS team.
What’s weird is that instantsearch.js seems to be setting spellCheck={false} on the default connector:

Hi @nitheshkumar.ramacha, I’ve been notified of this issue, and it’s indeed a bug. I’ve opened a pull request in, which fixes the issue. As soon as that has been merged and released, you will have the fixed behaviour

Thanks @haroen & @Jerska. Please let us know once the same is released.

Sorry for the delay, this has been released since!

Thanks @haroen for the response. So should we update the cdn version of the instantsearch . Please advice.

Yes, you need to update to the latest url to get this change. In your case that’s 4.7.2