How to ask for support for the Algolia plugin for WordPress

When asking for support, please be sure to mention the following:

  • The version of the plugin you are using
  • The eventual errors logged on the “logs” page of the plugin
  • The eventual PHP errors logged, read here how to enable them: Logs
  • The list of plugins you have enabled

If your error relates to “wp_remote_post” issues, please make sure you first take a look here: Frequently Asked Questions

The more descriptive your question is, the better the community will be able to answer it.
Screenshots, small recordings or live examples are also very beneficial.


I use Algolia plugin for search and get e-amail from support where write - It seems that your trial period has expired.**
**You should be able to move to the Community plan from the Algolia dashboard to unlock your search again.
How do this? I confused.
Site is

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Thank you for your asnwer

When seeking support for the Algolia plugin for WordPress, remember to include the following details:

  1. The version of the plugin you’re using.
  2. Any errors logged on the “logs” page of the plugin.
  3. Any PHP errors that are logged. Here’s how using door to enable them: [Link to enabling PHP errors guide].
  4. A list of the other plugins you have enabled.

Providing this information will help us assist you more effectively.