How to avoid displaying bullets

Hej! I’m trying to create an MVP website for my startup, with Next JS, and I find out Algolia was a great solution for filtering products. The issue I’m facing is that when I get the Hits, they are displayed on bullet points instead of in a Grid as I used to have before, and I am not able to change it. Any idea?

Thank you very much in advance!

This is my code:

<InstantSearch sx={styles.ecommerce.grid} searchClient={searchClient} indexName={"cuadros"} >
    <SearchBox sx={styles.contentBox} showLoadingIndicator/>
    <Hits hitComponent={Hit}/>

Hi Pablo –

Glad you’re liking Algolia!

The default for the Hits object is to display them as an unordered list, but you can override this using a connector (for classic React InstantSearch) or the new React Hooks.

Here’s the connector: Hits | React InstantSearch | Algolia

And here’s for hooks: Hits | React InstantSearch Hooks | Algolia

Thanks a lot Chuck!!!