How to change date fields/columns in search result page


I am using Algolia search for my ECOM project (Magento2). I have configured Product attributes (name, categories, model, sku, short_Desc) as per my requirement. When search result page is populated with search result, It shows image, Name(in the first line) and categories(in the 2nd line).

Question 1: Instead of Name I need to show the short_Desc - where can I configure this.
Question 2: Can I have two fields instead of one

Hi @ecom-admin,

Thanks for contacting Algolia.

The Algolia for Magento 2 extension has default templates created, but you can modify them yourself with some development effort.

The opensource repo is here and the templates are here.

As described in our customization doc for Magento 2, I think you are referring to the “hit” template for the InstantSearch results page. You can find that here

You can customize the hit template to show any attribute that you wish. If you are unsure of the attribute names, log in to your Dashboard to see the structure of your objects :slight_smile:

Happy coding with Algolia!