How to change filter for manufacturer from "No" to "Other"?

I read that when there is no manufacturer set then it will display “No” as the manufacturer but how can I change the text “No” to any word(s)?

like: “Nei” to “Andre produsenter”

Anyone? I really appreciate it if you can help me. Thanks!

Hi @nino.riconalla,

On our Magento extension, you have the ability to customize the Instant search results page by editing the templates found in the instantsearch folder.

In particular, you would need to edit the refinementsItem.phtml to have some logic that transformed the { name }.

More about customizing the InstantSearch page in general can be found here:

Hope this is a good start – let us know if you have further questions!

How to make “No” translatable that it will only affects on algolia search?

Hi Nino, the message that I wrote above tries to address just that. In order to change the name of the “No” facet, one way is to change the way that Refinement list is rendered. Using the Magento extension you’ll need to edit the refinementsItem.phtml.

So if name === “No”, you can set it to display something else for that value.

Does that make sense?

I tried to edit refinementsItem.phtml like this but it throws an error:

Nesting error: name === “No” vs. name

{{#name === "No"}}Andre produsenter{{/name}}{{^name}}{{name}}{{/name}}

Can you help me with this please?

Thank you.

Hi Nino,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Upon looking further into this, it actually seems that going through the backend rather than the frontend is a better option here.

If you change the facet value just on the front-end, it will be appended to the URL for querying on pageload – this will not match the actual value. So if you transform the facet, you will have to translate it back when you query again so that it returns hits against the original facet value.

So instead it is recommended to do a backend event to transform the attribute value if “No” to “Other”. I would look into this event: algolia_after_create_product_object


This would allow you to change the product data before indexing. This way, it can be indexed and filtered by “other”.

Hope this helps!