How to combine the use of InstantSearch widgets with client API


I am mainly using React Instant Search widgets to fit my needs. However I need to access to Algolia raw result for a specific need. I would like to use Client API to do so.

I was wondering, is it possible to combine the use of Instant Search with Client API ? If it is possible, how can I maintain the same search index for Instant Search & Client API ?

Hi @Ludovic,

Thanks for contacting Algolia. We have a guide called “Backend InstantSearch” which combines the use of frontend InstantSearch UI with a backend API Client request. The general process is:

  • create your backend route
  • call the backend route as a custom searchClient
  • use the custom searchClient in your InstantSearch widget

How will this work for you?

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It’s working perfectly with a custom searchClient. I didn’t understand at first it was the process to follow.

Thank you !

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