How To Configure Test API Call in Postman for /search


Looking to understand how to configure a POST call for the partial search endpoint on Algolia inside of Postman for testing before bringing it over into my app.

I keep getting various errors and I’m suspecting my URL is wrong or I’ve configured the headers/body key value pairs wrong or in the wrong format than what is expected by Algolia.

Examples of URL’s that are working would be great (minus any api keys of course) and steps to configure the headers/body portion of the call with the Query.

Thank you

Hi Justin,

Can you share the current POST request you are using in Postman? (Ensure that you mask the APP ID & API Keys).

The documentation for our Rest API Search Endpoints should describe what you need.

I look forward to your reply.
Best regards,

I’m using this URL:


Passing the


in the headers

and a single param ‘query’ in the body with a value to search

I’ve tried replacing the {APPLICATION_ID} with my application ID but it doesnt work until I remove the $ which still results in a 400 error.

I get this error:



I don’t think that my params are right either:


Hi Justin,
As shown in this section of the Rest API Search Endpoint docs, the params parameter is sent as an object:

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Let me know if this helps resolve your issue.


Hi Jason, actually it didn’t like we do wonder what is the compatible version for putting the request in postman, the data binary topic it isnt helping too much, have you tried using postman or thurnderclient in VS code? I guess as the first person in the post we just wonder if this is form-encode or JSON in the body etc.