How to configure the filters in the instant search pop in?

Hello Algolia Community,

I do have several questions regarding the correct enabling of the algolia extension in our client wesbite.

I exchanged with one of your colleague Vincent Voyer last night. Btw I attended the Algolia search party in your new office in Paris.

Basically for our client website, we would like to have the same template as the Kooples for the front. Could you help me out and tell me how much time will it need to have this template ?

Well, we don’t want to have the small pop in but a larger one that includes filters.

Because I would like the filters to appear in the instant search pop in.

Regarding the indexing queue, is it normal that the indexing takes sometime 5 to 9 hours to load ?

Because I changed and saved the configuration in the back office and there is no still change observed in the front of our preproduction client website.

Our client have 3 wesbite the french one, english one and the uk one.

For instance, when i try a search in the search box in the French website, the image of the articles don’t appear, only the name, descriptions of the products are seen.

However when i try the same search in the english or uk website, the image of the products appears without any problems.

Thank you for your help.


Can you send an email to about the search not being updated, that should really never happen :thinking:.

To make that interface, you can use InstantSearch, with the interface in a div[hidden] before you click on the search bar.

Let me know if you have any specific questions in how to make that :smile:

Hey haroen,

Regarding the indexing queue, it is currently happening,

Thank you for your answer and yes would you please explain how to make that interface


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Hey, feel free to follow the getting started of InstantSearch (linked in previous version), and to show it only when neededx you can put everything except the search box in a container which has the hidden attribute. To your search box you add an eventListener to “focus”, which then removes the hidden attribute on the container for the other things.

Does that help you?