How to copy an application for development

I have a production web app that utilizing algolia. At the moment, I need to work on the second release of the app. For that matter, I thought to use a copied version of the algolia app for not to mess with the production one. Is there way to do that?


If you want to copy an index within the same Algolia app, you can use our copyIndex.

If you want to copy all indices from one Algolia app to another one, you will need to write a script that exports all your settings, synonyms and Query Rules from your first app, then adds them to your secondary app. For this, you can leverage getSettings, exportSynonyms and exportRules.


Thank you @sarah.dayan, it can work! Would be nice to have such an option though as a part of algolia’s GUI.

You’re welcome! We’re currently thinking about it for our API clients. I can’t give you an ETA, but definitely stay tuned on our API clients releases.

We are also looking for such a tool! Has anyone already started this?
We would be happy to test and contribute to such efforts!