How to create two columns of Wordpress in dropdown autocomplete menu?

I’m trying to re-code the autocomplete template so that the left side has two columns of my wordpress posts in it and am not sure how to do it. I’ve been able to get the two columns set up and the first one is pulling in results, but the second one is not and I’m not sure how to do that. Anyone able to help?

Up! i’d like to know if someone found a solution for this one :wink: also, should the mobile display be only one col?

I was finally able to do this, though still working on mobile. You can see it here:

Looks very cool, bravo!
Would you share with us your code if it’s not too much to ask?

Thank you! It was actually easier than I thought. I added “columns: 2;” to that column (.col3-suggestions) and then used CSS to make them look the way I wanted.

Well if at some point you’re OK to share the CSS that’d be cool :wink:


Hey Britt, did you finish the integration without problem?