How to disable auto refinement for select on algolia instant search

I have this current code for integrated algolia ais-instant-search that working fine and i want to disable auto refinement on select input to keep list and when select to return hits for only this selected argument.

<ais-instant-search :search-client="searchClient" :index-name="ALGOLIA_INDEX_NAME" ><ais-menu-select :attribute="attribute" :limit="60"> <select class="select rm-raduis-select is-fullwidth" slot-scope="{ items, canRefine, refine }" :disabled="!canRefine" @change="refine($event.currentTarget.value)" > <option value="">All domain</option> <option v-for="item in items" :key="item.value" :value="item.value" :selected="item.isRefined" > {{ item.label }} </option> </select> </ais-menu-select> //hits display ... </ais-instant-search>