How to display link to store i search?

We are new to Algolia and need a way to implement Store search in the Algolia search. our stores are located in “Store Locator” in Magento but we are unsure how to implement it in Aloglia.

We have tried under “Indicies -> Query rules” to create a new rule but I am not sure if we have done that correctly…

Ex. {“description”:“Store name”,“link_source”:“http://www.url”,“link_text”:“Read more about this store”}

Hello @espen,

to make it work, you’ll have to create your own indexer and index your stores with it in Algolia.
You can take an inspiration from Pages indexer which is already present in the extension.

When you have the index in Algolia ready, you can follow this tutorial to add a new data source to autocomplete menu with your stores.