How to display only matched attributes

I would like to display a search result only when attributes are matched.
title, name, year, brand, genre and price.
I want to display only a search bar, then matched attributes should show up.
Please advise.

This works for only one attribute so it did not work for me.

container: '#hits',
transformItems: function (items) {
	return (item) {
	item.__matchesName = item._highlightResult.genre.matchLevel === 'full';
	return item;

templates: {
  item: `
	<div id="clearfix" >
		<img src="{{LOGO_URL}}" alt="{{hits-image}}" id="hits-image">
		{{#__matchesName}}{{#helpers.highlight}}{ "attribute": "genre " }{{/helpers.highlight}}{{/__matchesName}}