How to distinguish between different apps using same Algolia instance

Hi there,

We’re trying to optimise the number of search requests made but are having trouble narrowing down exactly where they’re made given that we have several applications searching the same indices. Looking in /monitoring/operations (API Client tab) we can see something like the following:

Operation Percentage
titleReact InstantSearch 6.23.1Last used an hour ago 30.67%
titleReact InstantSearch 6.23.1Last used 11 days ago 17.29%
titleJavaScript (3.35.1)Last used an hour ago 10.26%
titleReact InstantSearch 6.23.1Last used an hour ago 8.58%
titleReact InstantSearch 6.23.4Last used an hour ago 8.07%

Is there any way of telling which of our apps that use React InstantSearch is which ? If we customise the searchClient like shown here (Configure the client | Algolia), would that show up as different in the reporting ?

Thanks in advance,