How to do two <SearchBox> inputs? Secondary search filters by one attribute

Is there a way to use multiple search inputs? I have one widget tied to one index. Is there way to have another searchbox that is limited to one attribute from my records?

My main input right now looks through everything. I have jobs information in my records like “description”, “title”, “company”, etc. I would want the second search input to filter only by the city names.

So the way this would work is when I type in my second search bar “New York” it would show all jobs available only in New York. Now typing in the main search bar would search through to find the relevant search found in the description, title, company. BUT, again it would only be jobs in “New York” because of the search in the second search bar.

I might have answered my own question actually :slight_smile: . I think I would do it by MenuSelect | React InstantSearch Hooks | Algolia making a custom menu state that would be a search input!