How to estimate the price of our Shopify integration

This is definitely not an easy question to answer because of the multiple criteria coming into play here.
Here is a list that should help you be able to plan ahead.

  • Number of records
    • Products
      • Total amount of variants (and not products)
      • Multiply this amount by the number of sort orders you use.
        If you use only Relevance, then you don’t need to multiply
    • Collections / Blog posts / Pages if enabled: Simply the total amount of items (often too small to be relevant)
  • Number of operations
    This one is trickier and depends on your use case.
    • ​An update of a variant will update all the other related variants of the same product, which will cost one operation per variant of the product
    • On an update of a product / a variant, we need to run a search to check if a variant that we had has been removed​, but the search operation is free
    • Depending on the point before, we’ll delete the removed ones​, which will cost one operation per delete
    • If you’ve activated our Collection Search Page feature, every time a collection is updated, we’ll need to run an operation for each of its products.

Since our app reacts to webhooks sent ​​by Shopify when you update your products or variants, then the amount of operations will mostly be linked to the amount of updates you and / or your apps will do.
If you have an app updating your prices all the time for instance, then it might go up pretty fast.​

In the end, the conclusion is unfortunately that it’s a bit hard to plan.​​
Fortunately, there is an easy way of trying this out! You can use Algolia for 14 days with a free trial (no CC required).
​You can simply set it up with a really small amount of steps, without even installing its front-end​ and check after a few days of usage how many operations were consumed, and then decide.