How to estimate which plan I need based on Google Site Search (GSS) queries

Hi there. We have two websites that we would like to index. We have been using GSS (Google Site Search). Since Google is phasing out the product, I’m looking at alternatives and was recommended to check out Algolia.

We have a couple of self-service help websites (a couple of knowledge bases) that combined we were paying Google for about 1,000,000 queries annually. Is there a way to estimate what package we would need based on how many queries we typically use? Can we translate queries into records/operations per month so that I know which pricing structure we would be looking at?



Hey Martin,

Great question! Algolia’s pricing is based on two things: Records and Operations:
-Records are the number of objects you want to make searchable. Here is our FAQ entry with more insight on what a Record is.

-Operations are the calls you will make to the API. It can be a search query, but it can also be an add/delete/modify you will make on your indexed data. Here is a more in-depth description of what an operation is!

One thing you have to take into consideration is that Algolia’s trademark is the “instant search” experience. That means that each keystroke performed by your user will be a call made to our API and therefore a query :slight_smile:
In general, customers tend to find out that a user is using 4 to 5 keystrokes to find what they want. So a query will be approximately 5 operations.

For evaluating Records, do you know how many objects you want to make searchable on each site? If you do, you can easily compare the quotas associated in each plan.

To find out which plan is suitable for you, you combine your records and operations and can easily find out which “bucket” you fall in!




Thanks for asking your question @martintcash and for replying @benjamin.digne. Based on what Ben said, I did some back-of-the-napkin calculations to see how the numbers would play out.


First, I would take the 1,000,000 Google Site Search (GSS) annual queries and divide it by 12 since Algolia quotas are monthly. That comes out to 83k queries / month.

Then I would multiple by 5 because each keystroke is a full search operation and Algolia quota is based on operations. So:

83k queries x 5 keystrokes/query = 416k operations / month

416k operations puts you in the Starter pricing tier with plenty of headroom, up to 1m operations. The headroom is important because you’ll also need some operations for indexing.

Result: Based just on operations, 1M queries on GSS would put you in Algolia’s Starter pricing plan.


We also have to look at records, which is a function of how much content you have. If you have knowledge bases that contain articles I would estimate the number of records needed as:

number of articles x number of paragraphs per article

This is because we recommend splitting up textual content into roughly paragraph-sized chunks to give you the best speed and relevance = the happiest users.

If you have 10,000 articles with an average of 10 paragraphs each, you will end up with about 100,000 records, which is the upper bound of the Starter plan.

Result: Based on records, if you have less than 100k paragraphs of content you will fit on the Starter plan. Each additional 10k records will cost you $9/month.


These are just estimates, but we’re happy to give you an exact quote that takes into account your specific situation. Just reach out to @benjamin.digne or myself or send an email to