How to exclude specific product id from indexing


is there any way to exclude specific product from indexing again in dashboard?
We have prestashop module that index all products that are updated in real time but we would want to hide specific one from searching. I dont see any option like that in dashboard, but maybe there is a way?


I feel as though there are many solutions to your problem.

Without any coding necessary, you can create a conditionless rule to hide the specific product id’s.

Just go to your dashboard<rules<create rule<manual editor and erase the condition using the trashcan icon as per the screenshot below

Then, as a consequence, select “hide an item” and hide all the id’s you want.

However, I believe there is a limit to how many products you can hide from there so that only works for a few products.

You can add a true/false attribute to your records and filter them based on that by passing a query parameter to a conditionless rule.
that would require you to:
a)create a new attribute
b)make it searchable and an attribute for faceting
c)figure out how to update the attribute value (that could be done manually)
Example screenshot

I’m certain that there are other, possibly easier solutions. I think that opening a ticket will help a lot.

Good luck,


thanks for answering.
Unfortunately we are on old legacy plan and i don’t have rules active :frowning:
Actually i have only index configuration, analytics and dictionary.
We are still on this because cost is really low and it is doing it’s job as search engine.