How to exclude the exact geolocation from getRankingInfo


I am wondering if it’s possible to exclude the exact lat and long but keep the distance from the _rankingInfo. The reason why is because my app return people close to you so you can chat with them and I need to tell the users approximately how far they are from another user without exposing their exact location. Also, for security reasons there should not be any possibilities for users to be able to query/getRankingInfo the geolocation if they were to steal the front-end API key. I would want it to return something similar to that:

  "_rankingInfo": {
      "nbTypos": 0,
      "firstMatchedWord": 0,
      "proximityDistance": 0,
      "userScore": 7,
      "geoDistance": 1600,
      "geoPrecision": 1,
      "nbExactWords": 0,
      "words": 0,
      "filters": 0,
      "matchedGeoLocation": {
          "lat": null, // EXCLUDE
          "lng": null, //EXCLUDE
          "distance": 1600