How to exclude unwanted items from a facet (in Shopify app)


We have the Algolia Search app running in our Shopify store. It works great, but we are having trouble customizing the facet items accordingly. The problem is that we use product tags that we don’t want to show in the tags facet list.

An example facet:


  • Organic
  • Gluten free
  • VAT14 (this we want to exclude)
  • VAT10 (this we want to exclude)

What is the easiest way to exclude the unwanted tags from the facet? Can we configure the exluded items from the JavaScript files? Or should we somehow exclude these tags from the indexing?

I could suggest you to do the opposite.
If you activate Named tags in the Indexing tab, you can then use this feature: .
It will take a bit of time for them to be available, when you enable the feature, we need to launch a full reindex.

Then you could freely use any tag as internal, but you could expose some of them using public:your_tag.
If you have only one tag like this in your product, it will be indexed as a string, but if you have multiple of them, we’ll index them as an array of strings.
You would also need to replace your current tags in the facet list in the Search options tab by those named_tags.public.