How to filter out search results with matchLevel === “none”

is there any method or way that can exclude the search results their matchLevel is none ?
when i search some keyword on the search feature, it returns the results that all the attributes their matchLevel is none, why algolia return the match level is none’s result to us?
how can i filter or exclude the result only one of the attribute matchlevel is full or partially?

there is a example from our website search results, there is one example that all the attributes match level is none, but return to our search results

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-01 at 15.07.51 (1)

I would suggest that you use the “searchableAttributes” to ensure that results which match with said attribute are shown.
This would ensure that only the relevant results are returned.

hi @Harsh ,
but the issue is that, we have set the “searchableAttributes” to ensure the results, but when we search some keyword in the website, algolia return the results that all the attributes “match level are none” like the screenshot to website, but when we click on the result details page, we can find the matched words on the content, it seems the highlight feature bugs?

Hi, I get same issue. The keyword appear in the attributes but matchLevel is none so the text doesn’t show in my FE.