How to get exact match result?

Hello there,
I need to get the result that exact match the query,
For example I used the code below.'bvn:2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee;', 
facetFilters: [
    'categoryName:Electrical, Solenoids, Relays, and Sensors',
    'subCategoryName:Electrical Connectors',
  restrictSearchableAttributes: [ 'acesApp' ],
  disableTypoToleranceOnAttributes: [ 'acesApp' ],
  queryType: 'prefixNone'

I used the queryType: 'prefixNone' But I didn’t got the result that exact match the query. I got result that doesn’t have the exact query. Is there anything I missed to set

You can use the dashboard to do some searches and check the ranking reasons on the results. This will help you understand why inexact matches may be ranked higher. I’d recommend starting by looking at how you have typo tolerance and exact matching configured.

For matching a multi-word term, you’ll want to turn on advanced syntax so the end user can use quotation marks to match the whole phrase: