How to get LONG + LAT for 3,000 street addresses?

Is there any way to automatically get/generate bulk Long + Lat co-ordinates from street addresses? The .csv file I have has >3,000 entries all with street address, suburb, state, etc. but no Long or Lat. And @algolia Geo needs Long + Lat.

Hi @mobilemuster,

We don’t provide such tools and I don’t know neither tools for achieve that. But you can easily build a script in order to do it. You can extract all the useful informations for built an address for each row. Then you can call a geocoding service that will retrieve the coordinates from the address. We provide a geocoding service called Algolia Places you can have a look if you want. You can also go with the Google Maps geocoding service. As you want.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have questions :wink: