How to get search results based on currently selected category?

I have an app in which on a page there 2 sections. Each section shows lists of records. The section on the left side shows the list of Equipment and the section on the right side shows the list of devices. There is also a common search bar on top of both the sections which will filter the records based on the value of radio buttons i.e if the option selected is equipment then the search bar will filter the records for equipment list and if the value is device then it will filter the device records.

As given in the picture, there are other sort filters just like search bar which act on individual section based on the Search Category Option selected.

I am trying to implement this functionality in React. Any help will be appreciated.

Hey there Dave and welcome. Since you said you tried, any issue you faced while doing so? For our members to provide you help you’ll have to give us more context on what you tried on Algolia and how it went.

You can and should use our templates here: to request for help. Thanks!