How to handle acronyms that can be interpreted as typos?

I have a acronym for our content “DOE” which stands for “Design of Experiments”. However when I perform searches for DOE it prioritizes content for “Does”.

I’ve already created a synonym for DOE <–> Design of Experiments, and did a query rule to at least promote one result to the top, but still the top searches are wrong.

How can I deal with this?

Hi @tony4
By default Algolia wait for the user to press space to consider DOE a word and promote the results containing it accordingly.
As long as the user has not pressed space, it’s a protentially a prefix.

If I understand the behaviour you want correctly, you don’t need query rules to achieve it.

Hi @tony4, discussing with @Youcef I think we can come up with a solution.
What you need to do is:



The key is to define name as unordered so that matches at the beginning or end won’t matter much. Let us know how it goes.

It didn’t work. Our attribute is “Title” and I set it to unordered. I then setup a one way synonym for doe --> design of experiments.

Here is my site with the query populated:

You’ll see “Does” dominates the top results without additional content filters.

After further testing it looks like changing the “title” attribute to unordered just moves the word “does” to the second spot in a title. So for instance instead of “Does this work” it prioritizes “This does work”.