How to have a Facet have weight in an auto-complete

I am wondering how I can get the Auto-Complete to give me results where it weighs a Facet more than the actual keywords.

For example:
mud flap kit evoque

Currently, that gives me a 3 match and displays items but it ignores that vehicle. Is there a way to get the Vehicle to always be the primary word and then the rest of the keywords even if the keywords has a higher match? So it would display the vehicle matches with the closest keyword matches?

If I do other combos such as “mud flap kit discovery 4” it works.

So in the examples above how can I change it so that the vehicle has a primary weight over the description. I already move it in the Ranking to the top slot and tried it ordered and unordered but it still will not make the vehicle the primary keyword in the string. When it comes to some keyword strings.

Is there a way to do this?


Hello @cbartow

I’m not sure to fully understand what you are trying to do. Which vehicle you want to appear first when searching for “mud flap kit evoque”?