How to implement useToggleRefinement?

Trying to migrate a simple Toggle Refinement to the react-instantsearch-hooks package.

Previous integration was simple:

const ToggleFree = connectToggleRefinement(
  ({currentRefinement, refine}) => {
    const toggle = () => refine(!currentRefinement)

This was able to quickly set a filter on hits where price === ‘0’.

Does anyone know how we could implement this same functionality with the react-instantsearch-hooks package?

We tried a custom component like so:

const ToggleFree = (props: UseToggleRefinementProps) => {
  const {value, refine} = useToggleRefinement(props)

  <ToggleFree attribute="price" on={"0"} />

but the filter is not being applied and InfiniteHits is returning all of the results.