How to improve page speed?


I’m using instantsearch and I’m trying to improve page speed. On my website, search is located below the fold. My website is built with HTML, CSS and some basic JS.

From searching this forum, I’ve found that I should add to head:

<link rel="preconnect" href="https://{{id}}" crossorigin/>

I’ve also concatenated my algolia JS scripts into one JS file:

algoliasearch.min.js + autocomplete.min.js instantsearch.min.js + algoliacustom.min.js --> algoliascripts.min.js

algoliacustom.min.js includes my algolia templates.

Does the above seem ok? What other things can I do to improve the loading of algolia? Thank you.

Hi there,

There is several ways to improve the speed or the experience around a slow search that could happen if the network is not that great for example.

The different solutions are listed here: Improve performance

I hope it helps.

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