How to index first before I push to public?

We are building a website that has documentation pages, and we have a search bar on the page, that’s the place we use Algolia.

In order to make the search bar works, we need to index those pages first, and in order to index those pages we need them be public on the internet first. But we don’t want to deploy the whole thing to the public before we have the search bar works. So it’s a chicken-and-egg problem: We need search bar to work to push to prod, but we need to push prod first to index the pages.

How to solve the dilemma???

Do you intend to ask for DocSearch or you want to index your data yourself?

If you index them your self, the pages don’t need to be public.

If you want DocSearch, I will have to publish the content publicly before. If the search bar is not there for the first few days, I think it will be fine.

Yes, I meant the ‘DocSearch’, thanks for the reply~