How to install Algolia for Ghost blogging platform


Dear Team,

I am trying to find a way to install Agolia for my Ghost blog, it’s not easy to me, cause i am not a developer.
There is no plug-in which can help to integrate Agolia into Ghost.

Could you please show me how to do this?
Thanks a lot.


Hi @blackyzero, thanks for asking on the forum here.

I don’t know of a plugin that’s available, although it would be great to see one made. If you are reading this and have Ghost experience, please PM me!

This github gist contains the code that adds autocomplete.js to a Ghost site, but it would probably require some development experience to add it.

There is more (limited) information in this blog post.


thanks @dzello for your post.
i am not dev, so while waiting for someone shared cool experience on this integration, i would search for alternative solution which could help on this matter.


Finally, i got it works, Agolia and Ghost

A demo is here

That’s really good start, digging on styling the search box and result.


Great to hear!

Did you write the code yourself or did you find a developer?



For anyone looking for a way to use Algolia within their Ghost blog, you might find the following project interesting:

@blackyzero out of curiosity, how did you deal with the indexing side of things?


thanks for your reply Matthieu!


Digging out an old topic to give a quick update on another way to integrate Algolia with Ghost.

With the recent addition of webhooks in Ghost, it is now possible to populate an index without custom code, using @kevin.granger’s Zapier integration (Algolia for Zapier [beta]):


  • no batch indexing for pre-existing posts.
  • only create / update actions supported. Deleted articles will require to be manually deleted from Algolia’s index.
  • no fragment indexing out of the box. Might not be an issue for small-ish articles.
  • Zapier’s free plan allows 100 tasks per month (with an active Zap, each creation or update = 1 task)