How to integrate Algolia Autocomplete with Angular in frontend



I have a magento 2 site admin uses the default magento where frontend uses Angular using default magento API calls.

Is there a API for Algolia to integarte in Angular using Magento as backend.

I also found that Api/Data folder where queryInterface is present is this responsible for API calls.

Can we get any documentaion on this

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello @may,

Thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately, there’s no guide how to integrate an Angular frontend with a Magento backend (actually this is the first time I see such a request).
The QueryInterface situated in the extension is used to manage the Query Merchandising inside Magento.
I guess, to meet your needs, you can use the indexing from the Magento extension and fetch the data from your indices with the Angular library on the frontend. (I’m sorry, I’m absolutely not a javascript expert so I can’t help you more on that).

Hope that helps.


Hi Damien,

Thanks for the reply.

I have started implementing the way which you guided.

I have a question here is there a way to encrypt “Search only api key” and “Application Id” instead of using directly in the code.

I do also have an issue that my image_url is not updated with “https://” it looks like this

Is there a way to manage keywords in algolia autocomplete?



Any update for the above?