How to integrate with Vue3 and Nuxt 3?

Nuxt 3 Beta is out and I’m trying to integrate with Algolia but having trouble. Has anyone successfully gotten Algolia to work with Nuxt 3?

More info on Nuxt 3 here.

Not specific to Nuxt, but I posted this elsewhere and thought it might help here. There’s been some discussion around the way plugins are handled in Vue 3 here:

Let me know if you encounter anything else Nuxt 3 specific – it’d be good to capture it in a thread.

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I can’t understand how to start work and from where please help me out

Hi @dummnau – Did you managed to get started? This was published since you posted and I found it a very helpful starting point for using Algolia with Nuxt 3.

For the Vue Instantsearch libraries, there’s a ticket that was picked up for February to improve this experience. Keep an eye on it:


You can take a look at the Nuxt Community for Nuxt 3 and Algolia: GitHub - nuxt-community/algolia-module: 🔎 Algolia module for Nuxt

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