How to integrate with WordPress Pods?

I am using the WordPress Pods plugin to create my custom fields.

It’s similar to ACF but it’s backed by Automattic (the guys who make WordPress).

Unfortunately none of the custom fields created by Pods are imported as attributes when using the Algolia WordPress Plugin.

I have taken a look at this help doc for ACF and the code it provides, but I can’t adapt it for Pods:

Do you know how I can get these custom fields imported?


Unfortunately I’ve no experience with the Pods plugin and it is the first time we have a request around it.
I think that the authors of the Pods plugin will be more likely to answer questions regarding how to retrieve field values. You should probably ask them.

Sometime has past but I’ve had some success using the get_fields ACF example by using:

$attributes['model'] = pods_field('car', $post->ID, 'model');

I’ve not had any success when using an Advanced Content Type in a new table. The issue is WP doesn’t know anything about the data and so it isn’t seen by the Algolia plugin. I’ve been looking at a way around this, but no solution yet.

@thecashbag were you using an Advanced Content Type and if so did you find a work around?