How to know when user select some filter in <ais-refinement-list>?

I have some question about . Im trying to collapse the mat-expansion on refinementList when the user select some filter in the refinement but i dont find any prop or attribute to know when the user make click on some filter…

This is an example of my code, it close with buttons but not automatically when select any filter:

    <mat-expansion-panel [expanded]="step === 0" (opened)="setStep(0)"  (opened)="panelOpenState = true"
    (closed)="panelOpenState = false" (click)="closePanel()">     
      <ais-refinement-list attribute="" operator="or" [limit]="5" [showMoreLimit]="10"
        showMoreLabel="Ver más" showLessLabel="Ver menos" [searchable]="true" searchPlaceholder="Buscar ciudad ..."
        <button mat-button color="primary" (click)="nextStep()">Siguiente</button>