How to limit results to a path?

I have a website built with Gatsby, published with Netlify, that uses Algolia crawler and InstantSearch to help users find help articles more easily. How can I limit the results so it only shows pages that start with /help/ ?

For example, if I search for “xyz”, I get the following results:

  • /
  • /help
  • /blog/xyz
  • /help/xyz

I need to filter results so that only the last one, /help/xyz, is shown.

The search is in the help page. All the help articles are listed in the help page, so when searching for any terms that are contained within a help article’s title, the help page (which you’re on) is shown as the first result, which is not very useful either. It should only show subpages of /help/.

What’s the best way of handling this? In Netlify, in the crawler, Algolia dashboard, InstantSearch?
I would really appreciate guidance with this.