How to limit the maximum operation?

Hello, all

I’m using DocSearch with Starter Plan.

In Starter plan, if operations of the site exceed the limit, payment increases automatically.

What if some bad user types multiple times to exceed maximum operation?

In that case, do I just pay for all that exceeded operation?

Is there any way I can limit the maximum number of search operations?

Or is there any recommended solutions for this case?

:wave: DocSearch is entirely free, you do not even need to log in. What do you want to change?

I want to defend malicious search operations some automatic way.

because every time I exceed the operation limit, I have to pay extra charge…

I’m confusing about the product definition.

I implemented DocSearch on my website using below page.

I couldn’t use the automatic implementation support because the contents of my website are still under construct.

And I upgraded my plan in Algolia dashboard.

Am I use DocSeach? or something else??

I thought DocSearch has various pricing plans (including free plan) but you said like all the DocSearch are free…

If there is something I misunderstood, please correct me.

:wave: @webosose,

If you are not using the hosted version of DocSearch, you are a regular customer using the DocSearch scraper. This is your case since we are not crawling your website and handling everything for you.

What are the malicious search you are referring too?

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The ‘Malicious search’ is just a word I made.

I explain it with an example.

If I type just like ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (more and more)’,
it causes rising of the operations of my Algolia account. And the number of operations directly relates to monthly fare.

And if some bad user (who knows Algolia’s pricing plan or just weird guy) decides to type meaningless word (like ‘aaaaaaaaa~’) over and over again, I will receive the enormous extra charge.

That is the meaning of ‘malicious search’ I said.

In the above case I have to pay the extra charge because Algolia’s pricing plan says if the operations of the search exceeds, the charge of that month increases automatically.

So my question is:
Is there any way to prevent above situation?


Thanks for the details.

You can use the [queryHook]( function to avoid doing queries that are bigger than a specific size.


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Thanks a lot!!

I will do it.

Thank you again!