How to output the instantsearchPrice helper in Shopify instantsearch

I’m struggling to output the instantsearchPrice in my infiniteHits widget. Can anyone give me some guidance? Algolia hogan files weren’t changed, but this is my search_ui_instant_search.js code:

  // send the results
    container: '.algolia-shopify-instantsearch', // update this selector to match your search page
    templates: {
      item: `
        <div class="grid-product__content">
          <a href="/products/{{handle}}" class="grid-product__link">
            <div class="grid-product__image-mask">
              <div class="image-wrap" style="height:0; padding-bottom: 100.0%">
                <div class="quick-product__btn">
                  <span class="quick-product__label">View Product</span>
                <img src="{{image}}" align="left" alt="{{name}}" class="grid-product__image" />
                <div class="hit-name">
                  {{#helpers.highlight}}{ "attribute": "title" }{{/helpers.highlight}}
               <div class="hit-price">\${{price}}</div> 
               <!-- Trying to add the instantsearchPrice here -->
               <div class="hit-price">{{#helpers.instantsearchPrice}}{{/helpers.instantsearchPrice}}</div> 

this is fixed. issue was in helpers file.