How to pre-filter InstantSearch results in react-native

I am using “react-instantsearch-native” to provide search capabilities in a react-native mobile app. The index in Algolia is created by the Google Firebase Algolia extension.
I use InstantSearch and the Connected versions of Searchbox and InfiniteHits to search and display records in the mobile app.

How can I pre-filter the records before a user starts typing in the searchbox?
The records include e.g. a Category. I would like to pre-filter and limit the search to records with a certain category value. How can I do that?

  • Category can be a string
  • Another attribute is an array of strings, limiting the search to records that have the string in the array
    I don’t want to expose the filtering to the user and don’t want to request any user action. It needs to be automatic in the background.

How can I do that? Is there another connected component I need to use? Could any one suggest an example or the relevant documentation I should check?

Thanks a lot!

You’ll want to include a Configure object with the filters you want applies to all searches: