How to pre-filter vue instant search for Google?

Problem was that Google cache show all items on filtered link, for example /category/mobile should show only 5 items from 50 with active filter when I visit direct link, but Google cache show all items and disabled filter, how can I fix it? How can i show filtered posts for Google on page load? I found disjunctiveFacets and disjunctiveFacetsRefinements, but vue instantsearch didn’t support it, can this parameters help for me and how to use it with vue?

This really depends on:

  • how & where you handle the filtering: do you add the filter after page load
  • if you use Server Side Rendering, and if you do, with which params you provide the back-end version with
  • which version of the GoogleBot scans your page: is it a JavaScript aware version or not

The main idea is that, for a non-JavaScript aware GoogleBot to process the page as you’d like, you need to have the same logic in the back-end that in the front-end.