How to pull all product data from index in Algolia?

After reading the docs on how to search and browse an index with Algolia’s Swift Client it’s not clear how I need to pull all product data from an index. In the documentation, it is stated that:

The search query only allows for the retrieval of up to 1000 hits. If you need to retrieve more than 1000 hits (e.g. for SEO), you can either leverage the Browse index method or increase the paginationLimitedTo parameter

So I wrote the following:

 let client = SearchClient(appID: "...", apiKey: "...")

    var index: Index

    index = client.index(withName: "products")

    var productFeed:[Product] = []

    let settings = Settings()
      .set(\.paginationLimitedTo, to: 4500)

    index.setSettings(settings) { result in
      if case .success(let response) = result {

Then to Browse:

 index.browse(query:  Query("")) { result in
      if case .success(let response) = result {
          do {
              let products:[Product] = try response.extractHits()
              DispatchQueue.main.async {
                  self.productFeed = products

            }catch let error{
              print("Hits decoding error :\(error)")

It would seem as though the two blocks of code would work together but my productFeed array just returns 1000 records. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong here?