How to remove Algolia search from Shopify?

I added Algolia search to my shopify website recently to test the system out and see how well it functioned. I decided to stick with the system that I already had; however, even after deleting the application, Algolia is still on the site, and now I have two search functions that are on at the same time. This is extremely annoying. How do I remove Algolia from the website?

Sounds like this might be a caching issue.

Try clearing the cache.

Alternatively, contact Shopify support, they will be able to advise on why this is happening.

Actually, while cache could have indeed been the answer, in this case, this isn’t a caching issue.
You need to remove the Algolia head block in your layout file (usually layouts/theme.liquid).

    <!-- Algolia head -->
    <!-- ... -->
    <!-- /Algolia head -->

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