How to search like "Available 3 bedroom apartment under $800000"?

I am a developer. Website is made on Wordpress by me. I am using custom integration (PHP scripts), not Wordpress plugin, to index custom post types. With each post, there are post meta indexed, such as:

title: Sea View Apartment in Biyada
content: [long text description goes here]
country: Lebanon
price: 700000
bedrooms: 3
status: available
… (more fields)

I want to search like “Available 3 bedroom apartment under $800000”. Everything is ok, but how to search for price < 800000? Or can I just replace “under” with “<” symbol?

Hi there,

Currently we don’t have a way to do this.

Usually what we suggest is to propose refinements so end user can refine the query.
This is doable with our instantsearch librairies. Check out our instantsearch tutorial

What you are describing is Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Algolia doesn’t do this, but there are services that you could integrate with Algolia to achieve this.
Here are a few: