How to search wild card text search in algolia

In our project i am using java api client. in Index configuration have some searchable attribute list such as (name, description, colors).
we have sample data like
Record 1 - {“name”: “red Shoes”, description: “This shoes is sporty”, brand: “Adidas”}
Record 2 - {“name”: “Blue Shoes”, description: “This shoes is casual”, brand: “Nike”}
Record 3 - {“name”: “Sport Shoes”, description: “This red shoes long lasting duration”, brand: “Puma”, colors:[“green”]}
Record 4 - {“name”: “Evergreen Shoes”, description: “This shoes fit for all purpose”, brand: “Adidas”, colors:[“red”,“yellow”]}

When I search “red” text then it is giving only record 4 in search result but it should give record 1,3,4.
because red text is presented in, Record3.description, Record4.colors.

How can i achieve this wild card search?
Many thanks

Hi there!

Indeed, Algolia should return records 1, 3 and 4 because the text “red” is present in all of them. Here’s a quick reproduction:

As you said in your message, the name attribute is properly set in searchableAttributes in your index configuration, so that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

My guess at this stage is that you may have another parameter set either at the index or at the query level that is causing the problem. Could you try and perform the query from the Algolia dashboard and see if the issue persists there? If yes, that may be an issue in your index configuration; otherwise, this is likely at the query level.

Let me know.