How to see users input keywords?

Hello, awesome algolia community! Is there a way to see wht actually users are typing for their searches -> most used keywords/phrases or any such statistics?

Hello @tsakov!

Yes, every Algolia dashboard has an Analytics tab that contains a variety of metrics.

Check out this Analytics Overview for more information.

Hi, @dzello, my dashboard has only the following tabs: OVERVIEW, RECORDS & OPERATIONS, PERFORMANCE, API STATUS

Is analytics a pro feature?

I’m sorry for the confusion here, that’s my fault.

The free community plan comes with a weekly analytics report but not a point-and-click tab. You would need to be on a Starter plan or above for that.


If you can’t upgrade to Starter, you might consider instrumenting the searches with another tool.

Both Google Analytics and Keen IO have an API and JavaScript libraries that let you log events when an action occurs, in this case a search.


Alright! Thank you very much!