How to set default search value to search box on page load?

I have created my Algolia search in “localhost/search” path. I want if some one redirected to that page using “localhost/search?dog” type URL , Then the search box should be filed with dog. Is that possible to do that?

    // defaultSearchVal:valueFromUrl, // If there is some option like this would be better
    container: '#search-searchbar',
    placeholder: 'Search into posts...', 
    poweredBy: true  

I have created this page using this example

Since no one gives me answer I have emailed support team and they gave me an answer.
CodeSandbox Exapmle

Hi @sameeral,

After a quick test, I see that having /?dog as the URL query string doesn’t populate the search box with dog (which I assume is what you were wanting) as per image.

Yes. In the example I found we can set custom val for the search box. So we can replace hard coded “phone” value with dog text by reading URL parameter.