How to set hierarchical category as a searchable attribute

I have products index configured to have a searchableAttribute as category.levels (earlier it was But my search for tshirt doesn’t match/hit or category.levels, while it does match title. What could I do to get a hit in category?

"title": "Pocket T-shirt",
"category": {
    "id": "cjx5y4vdb1vl30814j6bydx78",
    "name": "Men > T-Shirts",
    "levels": [

Hi @manayantra,
Just wanted to quickly check that you set category.levels (with an s) as a searchable attribute. I noticed in your data sample there was an s, but not in your question. This might just be a typo here and not in your index settings though.

The order of your searchable attributes determines the ranking of your results – i.e. records with matches found in searchable attributes that are visually at the top of the list (or first in the array, if you are using an API client to set this) will be given priority over records with matches in searchable attributes that are lower down. More about this here: Searchable attributes | Algolia

If you’re not seeing any hits from category.levels, and this has been set as a searchable attribute, please reach out to so we can investigate further!

Hello Maria, thanks for taking your time out :slight_smile:
I have this config design:

Also, note that there is tags at the most bottom of searchableAttributes config which is showing hits.

P.S. I have edited category.level to be category.levels in the question. Sorry for that!