How to set initial search on load

Hi I’m setting up instantsearch.js on my site and want to pull in a search query a la such that when the search page loads it loads the hits from ‘dogs’ in my index. I can’t find a clear example of how to do this that doesn’t seem very complicated. How do I get this to work?

After trying several approaches I got this structure to work:

    const search = instantsearch({
        indexName: 'MyIndex',
        initialUiState: {
            'MyIndex: {
                query: searchQuery

Hi Jordan!

You can indeed pass an initial state to your InstantSearch instance with initialUiState, but it won’t be persisted in the URL. If you want to be able to set a query from the URL, and persist it when it changes, you can pass routing: true in the options. Note that this will persist the entire search state, including the current page if you have pagination, the refinements, etc.

If you want finer control, I recommended following our routing guide.