How to set up instant search and search by button at the same time?

I use algolia search in my gatsby project. I set up a search in the documentation
This documentation uses instant search. I have not found examples where instant search and button search are used at the same time. Instant search should open in a drop-down window (I did it) and search by button should show results elsewhere, for example, in the block below the search. My search for the button is not working correctly. Can you please tell me if there are some examples where instant search and search by button are implemented simultaneously?

Do you mean you want to disable searchAsYouType? SearchBox | React InstantSearch | API parameters | API Reference | Algolia Documentation

Not exactly that. searchAsYouType selects 1 option
if true, then instant search is turned on
if false, then search by button
I need 2 of these options at the same time. Window with instant search and display of results by button. I tried to display this in the layout.