How to setup the AlgoliaController in InstantSearch IOS when having several Facets Attributes

Hi I wanted to extend the example from here instantsearch-ios-examples/AlgoliaController.swift at master · algolia/instantsearch-ios-examples · GitHub

with a case where I have several Facet Attributes. The above AlgoliaController are only able to handle one Facet Attribute.

So I found under example and showcases instantsearch-ios/FacetListDemoController.swift at demos-v1 · algolia/instantsearch-ios · GitHub
how the FacetListViewModel should look like when dealing with several Facets Attributes.

But I have trouble to implement this FacetListViewModel with my AlgoliaController.

In the FacetsView I am able to see all the Facets Attributes and its facets. But when I click a facet and apply the filter nothing happens on my ContentView (instantsearch-ios-examples/ContentView.swift at master · algolia/instantsearch-ios-examples · GitHub)

When you click a Facet in the FacetsView instantsearch-ios/FacetListDemoSwiftUI.swift at demos-v1 · algolia/instantsearch-ios · GitHub
how is the process for reducing the Hits in my ContentView?

I can see that in my original example with only 1 Facet Attribute it seems that the contentView is updated based on the Facets Selected in this step from the AlgoliaController
facetList.facetListInteractor.connectFilterState(filterState, with: facetAttribute, operator: .or)

But since I now have multiple Facets Attributes, my FacetListViewModel(facetList: FacetListViewModel in the AlgoliaController) is different and doesn’t contain facetListInteractor.

So does anyone know how this line should be facetList.facetListInteractor.connectFilterState(filterState, with: facetAttribute, operator: .or) in my AlgoliaController when I use the FacetListViewModel from here instantsearch-ios/FacetListDemoController.swift at demos-v1 · algolia/instantsearch-ios · GitHub ?
Or how when I click a Facet in my FacetsView my ContentView applies this filter?

Best Regards,
Christian Skjøth