How to Show more refinement list in batches of 5


I know there is a showmore param in refinementList widget but it shows all items at once.
I want the items to be shown in batches like since limit in below code is 3
so I want when show more link is click only 3 should appear and then on another click next 3.

can anyone help me how can I do that?

                container: '#social-peace-refinementlist',
                // attributeName: 'post_author.display_name',
                attributeName: 'post_author.user_login',
                autoHideContainer: false,
                limit: 3,
                showMore: true,
                templates: {
                    item: function item(data) {
                        var output = "";
                        output = '<figure class="social-fig">  <img src="' + ng_users[].avatar + '" width="96" height="96" class="avatar avatar-96 wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-96 alignnone photo"><figcaption> '+ ng_users[].display_name +' </figcaption></figure>';

                        return output;